Street Lighting Projects

Works towards improving access to better lighting in areas not yet connected to the electricity grid, SinalArte supplied some lighting projects in African villages. High quality solar lighting is now available in several villages of Angola, for the promotion of sustainable development, with modern solar lighting solutions affordable to the State, to individuals and companies throughout the country. Clean and safe energy, through the latest LED technology, which reduces the cost of ongoing maintenance for its durability, estimated at 10 years. LED lighting is here represented by our TO24PS TO12PS series. The autonomy of the luminaire is adjusted to the need of each project – in this particular case, was given a three-day autonomy. During the day the solar panel recharges the battery installed in the luminaire. During the night the electricity is available to power the LEDs – by the predetermined autonomy in need. We also provide street lighting connected to the power grid – here represented in the design of our BL84 series. The installation, assembly and use of our luminaires are easy and safe, being promoted technical training for the assembly and maintenance on site.

A Sinalarte

A Sinalarte adotou estratégias para o desenvolvimento dos diversos mercados, alcançando uma posição de destaque em vários projetos importantes a nível nacional e além-fronteiras. Apostando em novas tecnologias e desenvolvimento de novos produtos, com esforço e competência conquistámos também o mercado externo.

O que fazemos

Atuamos nas áreas de sinalização pública, iluminação solar pública, iluminação com LED’s, energias renováveis, mobiliário urbano, contadores de energia e sistemas de tratamento de águas.

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