Interactive Displays

Interactive Display - Thinking about the possibility to easily and quickly provide important information among your partners, customers or visitors, TAGO is sure to become a vital pulse generator and an imaginative center of ideas. It is the perfect solution for interactive application in numerous different areas. TAGO features a Full High Definition LCD display as big as 42", capable of supporting up to 40 simultaneous touch points on a scratch-resistant and waterproof surface, with an extremely fast response time of 10ms, providing the most intuitive, interactive, multi-touch and multi-user experience in any environment. The system includes a powerful integrated computer, fully ready to run Windows 8 or OS X Mavericks. Other features include network connections with 802,11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Gigabit LAN Ethernet, Bluetooth connectivity and USB3.0 ports, a Clear Voice technology sound system, and highlighting the creative piece, is a decorative programmable color LED backlight.

Applications: Corporate (brand communication, waiting rooms and lounges, office meetings, project management, ...), Sales and Marketing (product maunches and pitches, sales meeting, prototyping solutions, tradeshow exhibits, ...), Retail (catalog browsing, product detailing and filtering, personalized shopping experience, marketing messages, ...), Education (schools and universities, engaging and collaborative learning, ...), Public Sector (public spaces and Government buildings, museums, public libraries, touristic information points, ...), Health Care, Tourism (Cruise ships, tourism agencies, area highlights, ticket availability and purchase, ...), Hospitality (Hotels, restaurants, airports, maps, ...), Banking and Finances, Real Estate, ...



Interactive Display

A Sinalarte

A Sinalarte adotou estratégias para o desenvolvimento dos diversos mercados, alcançando uma posição de destaque em vários projetos importantes a nível nacional e além-fronteiras. Apostando em novas tecnologias e desenvolvimento de novos produtos, com esforço e competência conquistámos também o mercado externo.

O que fazemos

Atuamos nas áreas de sinalização pública, iluminação solar pública, iluminação com LED’s, energias renováveis, mobiliário urbano, contadores de energia e sistemas de tratamento de águas.

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